3-Dimensional technical drawings of orders transferred to the production department, are generated in a computer medium, and then transferred to the simulation department for pattern and mould design. Any part to be cast is subject to mould filling, solidification and stress analysis by German origin MAGMA simulation software. The design study that is finalized as a result of evaluation of these analyzes by our experienced and expert staff is transferred to the pattern and moulding department.


Filling Analysis

- Filling velocity not to exceed the critical limit

- Analysis of the final temperatures after filling, from solidification point of view

- Filling to be carried out without dispersion and should be uniform in order to prevent turbulance

Solidification Analysis

- Casting Modules (solidification times)

- If directional solidification has occured

- If feeding system is properly designed or not

- Control of microporosities with 3D Tomography

Stress Analysis

- Crack formation during solidification (hot tear).(Mostly, around the core or in areas where section thicknesses are variable)

- Crack formation during cooling in the mold

- Cracks that can develop during cooling after dismantling of the mold

- Dimensions and deformations of the cast part at ambient temperature

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